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...that doesn't cost the Earth! (Just a teeny weeny moon ;o)


Our website design and development service has been structured to provide a simple and cost effective option for building and maintaining a professional website or bespoke web application. Whilst our service has been optimised to be efficient and inexpensive it isn't competing with 'off the shelf systems' or 'DIY websites'; our service competes with the professionally built, hosted and maintained applications that often have a substantial upfront charge, a significant monthly hosting fee and extra costs for any ongoing support and updates.

Our service provides a hassle free way to have a website or web system that is not only professionally designed and built but also hosted, supported, maintained and updated by us, allowing you to get on with running your business whilst we look after your website or system. And because we work for the majority of clients on a monthly contract basis we are ALWAYS accountable for the work we do and the level of service we offer.

You can find more information about who we work with or visit our other website for more information about us.