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30 designs that can be customised as much as required!

 There are THIRTY CORE WEB DESIGNS in our CMS...

..which we customise to meet your exact requirements OR design a completely new one from scratch!


As part of our web design / customisation process we change:

Fonts (font family, colours and sizes)

Headers (logo position, background colour, social media icons)

Footers (Colours & content layout)

Navigation (Colours, fonts. sizes, position)

Links (Colours, sizes, decoration)

Background images and colours

In our CMS we can structure your content:

Using our Page Layout Templates to make each page / section look different

Using our Collections (Images galleries, tabs, accordions, news items)

Using our Addons (Events, Locations, Ecommerce, Message Board, Donations, Sponsorship)

If however none of our designs or options fit your requirements exactly we can create a new design, custom page layouts and create bespoke functionality that does - Custom Web Developments and Designs